The Bride-to-be

I’ve been single for forever until the last August, I met him. Ovan; my good old friend who stole my heart away but keep it safe.

Just when I thought that I could spend the rest of my life alone, he came along to my surprise and rocked me to my core. I have never been this happy for my entire life. He makes me happier.

I can tell you that life truly began since he proposed. You have no idea at all how it amazingly changes me; not to someone else but to a better version of myself.

If you wanna follow my journey, taking the ride with me, and be the witness of how annoying woman I am, you better sit down, have some snacks and cups of coffee with you.

The roads ahead maybe bumpy, so be prepared 🙂
Are you ready?
Because I am.

And who am I?
Well, my name is Lala Purwono.
Age thirty three.
A happy bride to be.
And here are my stories…



One thought on “The Bride-to-be

  1. selalu percaya [kembali] pada mukjizat Allah kalau habis membaca pikiran mba Lala :”) Menantikan saat itu datang kepada saya ^^ aku ijin ubek2 blog ini ya mba, makasih..

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